The famous artist Mr. Ekkehard Stoevesand from Germany will hold his solo exhibition at The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin from April 20 to April 24, showing memories in Tianjin for a foreign artist in an artful angle.              


The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin has been famed as an “Art Museum”, presenting more than 60 copies of world famous paintings on display in public areas. The exhibition for Mr. Ekkehard Stoevesand’s art works with the elegant and exquisite atmosphere in the hotel will enhance your experience for an unforgettable art journey.


Ekkehard Stoevesand was born and growing up in Berlin. He studied at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and later he lectured sculpture and painting at the same university. During his artistic career he has worked on many sculpture and painting projects for individuals, celebrities, industry and government. He started his artistic career as a sculpturer and later he turned his focus on painting. His abstract paintings are full of three dimensional shapes which are motion loaded. As abstract as his paintings are, they show how everything is in a state of change.  


In the period of 1998 – 2009 Ekkehard Stoevesand has travelled to China for 5 times. During these stays, he travelled in China, lectured at the Tianjin Arts Academy, did extensive painting in ateliers at the Tianjin Arts Academy and the famous “798 Arts district” in Beijing. In his works which he created in various ateliers in China Ekkehard Stoevesand visualizes the high speed and incredible complexity of these changes in many aspects. He uses ordinary objects as a vehicle for his messages, from an old hutong door, the power station to different types of emotions and he leaves plenty of space for imagination for the viewer. Ekkehard Stoevesand’s view of Tianjin and China in the time between 1998 and 2009 is a very special approach to visualize China’s fast development from slow pace to “everything new, modern and high-tech”.              


Memories in Tianjin Art Exhibition Date: April 20 – April 24 Venue: 2F, The Lobby Bridge at The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin







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