Urgent Temporary fostering Kittens for 1-max2months

All four kittens are booked, including the mama (someone in Peking wants to take her, but we still look for people in Tianjin for her) .
These were abused cats no food no place to live. I am helping them, but I have to travel on the 16th for the while, so I need an urgent help. I will give you a lady's number she has all the contacts info for these 5 adopted cats. They are very quiet and clean, the mama is very smart and behave very well. It would be very kind if someone can takeover for this short time!

My fon. 138 203 10982 same as the Wechat


Name: jasmine
Phone: 13820310982
City: Tianjin
Email: jingtai_l@hotmail.com
Temporary fostering Kittens for 1-max2months

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