We are the direct employer, and not an agency.
The Global Language Village in Tianjin, China, a modern well established English language school for young children, are looking for one full-time teacher. (Tianjin is a 30 minute high speed train ride from Beijing.)
-North American, UK, Australian or New Zealand national, whose mother tongue and first spoken language is English. (As this is one of the main requirements and criteria for our school, we will only be able to respond to native English speakers. Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you all the best in finding suitable employment.)
-You are a “kid” person; energetic, fun, and enjoy working with, and teaching younger children.
-Patient, good team leader, organized, and works well with others.
-Willing to learn and adapt culturally.
-Punctual, and diligent in carrying out assigned classes, and preparation of class responsibilities.
-willing to sign a one year contract.
-must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field. (in order to secure a working visa)
Working hours/days:
-the working hours are flexible depending on the classes you will be teaching, but most classes during the week are in the evenings from 4pm – 7:30pm, although you may have a few morning or early afternoon classes as well. There are also classes on Saturdays & Sundays in the morning and afternoon.
-Monday is a set day off, and you will have two additional half days off a week. The maximum teaching hours would be 25 hours a week along with 15 required hours a week for preparing classes and meeting times with other teachers.
-You will have a total of one month paid holidays a year; two weeks during Chinese New Year (February or March), one week in July or August, and one week during National Holiday week in October.
-You would also have other government recognized one day holidays off with pay such as Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, New Year’s day, etc.
Class details:
-you will be the lead teacher of each class you are teaching, and you will have a full time Chinese teacher working with you who speaks English.
-each class has a maximum of 12 - 14 students (Depending on the need at the time of hire, there are also larger classes of 25 pre-school students, (4-5 year olds) you may be asked to teach. These classes have an assistant foreign teacher as well as a Chinese teacher assistant, and the hours for these classes are during the day, Tuesday to Friday.)
-the class age range of the children is from 3-11 years old, and each class is divided according to age. For example – 3-5 year olds; 6-7 year olds; 8-9 year olds.
-each classroom has a computer and projector and good teaching aids.
-we provide an easy to follow curriculum, although you are free to adapt it according to your own teaching style and preferences.
-classes are either 45 minutes long or 80 minutes long, depending on the age of the children.
-For new inexperienced teachers – 11,500RMB starting salary with a 1,500RMB housing allowance. (We will provide free teacher training for new teachers.)
-For full time teachers with experience and good references, we can negotiate your starting salary from 15,000 – 17,000 a month, inclusive of accident insurance and accommodation allowance.
Other benefits:
-After completing a one year contract, you will receive an 8,000 RMB bonus. (A 5% tax will be deducted from this amount, so you will receive 7600 RMB.)
-we have a good working environment and a fun lively team of teachers, both foreign and Chinese.
-If you are new to China, you will receive cultural lessons, so you have an idea of what to expect.
-We will help you secure a legal working visa as long as you have the minimum of a BA diploma.
-if you are new to China, our staff will help you to find accommodations and also help you find your way around the city, etc. Our school will provide you with free accommodation up to two weeks after arrival. We will also meet you at the airport.
-regular teacher assessments and experienced teacher mentoring


Name: Cathay Future
Phone: 02223379005
City: Tianjin
Email: 3467864@qq.com
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