Civil Aviation University of China (Tianjin) is looking for full-time English teachers for the upcoming academic year which will begin from September 2017.
● A bachelor’s degree or above with more than two years' working experience
● Under 55 years old
● Native English speaker (only)
● Language, or aviation related background preferred
Your Work:
 Your work starts from August 26th, 2017; the shortest contract will be 11 months.
 You will teach university students (Chinese students) English whose majors are related to aviation engineering. ( university students whose ages around 18-25)
 Less than 20 teaching hours every week.
 You will teach courses including English speaking& listening, technical writing and so on.
We are offering:
● Competitive salary
● Apartment or hotel room with Wi-Fi coverage
● Reimbursement for round trip flight tickets
● Social insurance and commercial insurance provided
For Your Information:
Official website: http://www.cauc.edu.cn/en/

Official website of SIAE, CAUC: http://www.cauc.edu.cn/siaeE/
If you are interested, please reply by email (liudongliang_nk@163.com)with your CV and other supporting documents (Degree certificate, Passport, etc.)
For more information, please contact us by:
Tel: 0086-22-24092875
Fax: Tel: 0086-22-24092872
Email: liudongliang_nk@163.com


Name: Leonard
Phone: 18622749601
City: Tianjin, China
Email: liudongliang_nk@163.com
Openings for Full-time University English TeacherOpenings for Full-time University English TeacherOpenings for Full-time University English Teacher

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