We are a professional team and devoting on High-Quality Early Childhood Education. The Kindergarten is located in Xi Qing District, Tianjin which is nearby Meijiang Event Center. Now we are offering two job vacancies. One is a full-time position working as an early childhood educator looking after children from 2-5 years old, which requires excellent English speaking and writing skills and over two years teaching experience in Early learning settings in China; the other is a part-time position working as an English Teacher which requires great English speaking skills and about one - year teaching experience. If you are interested, please contact us.

Full time11000-15000 pack; part time 150-200/hr 15hr/week

The salary depends on your experience and positions


Name: CJ
Phone: 15222612481
City: TIanjin
Email: 1226142264@qq.com
Kindergarten TeacherKindergarten TeacherKindergarten Teacher

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