As a reputable agency in Tianjin that takes pride in its commitment to integrity, HH&Z always puts the interest of our teachers in first place, and endeavors to protect them from any form of abnormal or unfair treatment. Through careful planning and in the spirit of professionalism, we have built up a host of qualified and loyal schools in both the public and private sector. We take great pride in our ability to strike fair and mutually beneficial bargains with our partners! Your visa and accommodations will all be taken care of by our company, your contract will be negotiated by our best and fairest representatives, and your payment is of course guaranteed. Your work in China will be a smooth yet fulfilling experience from the moment you choose to work for HH&Z. Reach out to us if you are looking for a teaching job in China, and you will never regret it. For more information, please contact Sally through the email 48469732@qq.com


Name: Sally
Email: 48469732@qq.com

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