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Casa Allegra


English Name
Casa Allegra Pizzeria
Pinyin Name
QuanFuZhuang Yishi Pisaba
Chinese Name
English/Pinyin Address
Tianjin Shi, Hexi Qu, Taierzhuang Zhilu, Bojinwan Nanyuan, 5-108 Dishang
Chinese Address
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After living 9 years in Tianjin, what I miss the most from home (France) is probably the good old napolitan style pizza. Sure, you can find places that sell something called pizza. But when you go there, you often don't know what you're eating : pizzas have strange names, the ingredients are not listed, you have to ask your waiter, and he often doesn't know. And if you say you'd like to order that composition on the menu, but without onions, they will tell you they can't do that. Simply because they sell pizza, without knowing what pizza is about: most of these places will feed you, but don't really care about whether you get what you like.

My wife (Chinese) and I have talked for a long time about opening a restaurant. And seeing that I had already underwent training as a pizzaïolo, we decided to go for it and open a pizzeria. Even though some really good places finally appeared (Figlia on Fujian Lu, Scugnizzo on Dagu Nanlu), we believe we also have something new to offer: authentic italian style pizza, that you are completely free to compose yourself.

Pricing is very simple:

* Margherita (No toppings): 38RMB for 12''-30cm, 58RMB for 16''-41cm ;

* DIY (Up to 3 toppings, your choice of 4 sauces): 68RMB for 12''-30cm, 108RMB for 16''-41cm.

Whether you choose 1, 2 or 3 toppings, you get your money's worth: we cover the whole pie. And we also make your pizza a Calzone if that is what you want. The 3-topping limitation is not arbitrary: if there is too much of them toppings and because the crust is thin, they risk burning through your pizza in the oven. We suggest up to 3; but if you want more, we will try and give you more.

But, besides simplicity and freedom, we also offer you authenticity: dough is made according to Italian tradition, using strong flour, slow-fermented at 3-4C for at least 3 days, and handslapped in front of you.

And we want to make sure you feel at home: in Italy, pizza is synonymous with conviviality. Once you order, you are free to stay, surf the Internet, rest, read (please just be considerate, if the restaurant is full and new customers want to sit in).

We are opening on July 12th, 2017, and we welcome you to our Casa Allegra. We don't have a website yet, but our menu is online, in Chinese and English:


From the menu, you can scan our WeChat account, where we posted a more detailed presentation. Best regards,

David & Lola.

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