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Join Us in Waterball War Game Indoors
Friday 15 September 2017, 19:30 - 22:00
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Contact 18622208020 (Catherine Chen);13820873282(Jia Wang)
Location & Reviews:  Caiyuecheng
Our Game Modes(Normally we have many different game modes, club members can choose freely and create new modes together, here we are introducing 4 typical ones which are the most poplular)
"Wipe Out"
2 parties to kill all “enemies” within 10 minutes.

"Blow Up"
Attackers arm the "bombs" to destroy the "enemy positions" within 10 minutes while defenders disarm the "bombs" or kill all "enemies".

"Chase After"
Patrols chase fleetings, kill and capture them, to increase the number of patrols, until the last fleeting to be killed. Fleetings can kill each other to reduce the number to be the last successful fugitive.
2 groups on 2 floors. First floor members try to kill the ones on the second floor within 10 minutes. Second floor members are not allowed to come downstairs. When first floor members are killed, he or she has to go downstairs for 90 minutes before starting again.

Price:100RMB/person (30 mins introduction of dos and don'ts plus 2.5 hours fighting game)

Service includes:
1.Water bullets guns
2.Safety glasses
3.Grouping marks
5.Professional inspectors with English skills.
Price for HATour Club Members: 80RMB/person

Conditions to Join HATour Club:
1. Pay 100 RMB per year as annual team building fee;
2. Bring your own water bullets guns and safety glasses;
3. Participate at least 5 club activities each year.

Membership Benefits:
1. Get discount prices for each activity
2. Get additional water bullets without limitation in the battle
3. Enjoy priority registration rights to participate activities
4. Professional inspectors
Follow our public Wechat account(hatour2014) and send us your infomration, we will contact you.
Or you can Contact Us through
Mobile number (also wechat account number):
18622208020 (Catherine Chen)
13820380459 (Tony Lv)
13820873282(Jia Wang)
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Location & Reviews:  Caiyuecheng

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