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1 Shuttle bus from/to Beijing Airport from/to Tianjin Tianhuan shuttle station   

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-This time table was confirmed by phone on 27/06/2017. You can call (in Chinese only) this number: 022-23050530 or 022-87612376 . Last time only 022-87612376 was working. Please let us know if there is any change at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by commenting this article

-Ride time is 2:30 hours up to 3:30 hours depending on conditions

-The name of the station in Tianjin is 天环客运站, you can copy/paste the name into your English Didi (taxi hailing application). The name in pinyin is: (tiān huán kè yùn zhàn)

-The price of the ride both ways is 85元, and you will need to present your passport both ways

-To buy your ticket just say: 我想买一张去北京国际机场的票 (wǒ xiǎng mǎi yī zhāng qù běi jīng guó jì jī cháng dí piào)

-The address of the bus station is: 红旗路228号 (hóng qí lù èr bǎi èr shí bā hào)

-If you need to drive or just want to follow a map:

Baidumap: Click here for Baidu map or scan the qrcode


Click here for Google Map or scan the qrcode


To come-back from the airport, depending on your terminal just follow the signs of shuttle bus, then go to the counter and buy a ticket for Tianjin 我想买一张去天津的票 (wǒ xiǎng mǎi yī zhāng qù tiān jīn de piào)

2- Go by subway + train + subway + express railway or taxi + train + taxi (or any combination that you may like)

-We don’t really suggest you to do that because it can be very stressful to go with your luggage to Beijing then take the subway then the express railway. But if you want to do so please keep in mind:

-Tianjin to Beijing-South train ride takes around 35 minutes, but you need to add the time to buy a ticket, enter and exit the stations (1 hour or more): price 54.5元

-Beijing South Railway Station to Beijing international airport is a minimum 50 minutes ride (37 kilometers) with toll. And you need to add the time of waiting for a taxi and traffic jam; price around: 150元

-From Beijing South Railway Station to Beijing international airport using subway + express train is a 1 hours 10 minutes ride (line 4 change to line 2 change to express railway) cost around 40元

-There is a shuttle bus from Beijing south railway station to the airport (1 hours 10 minutes): 30元

3-Book a private driver to/from the airport

-Best solution for groups and if you have a lot of luggage.

-You can make you booking in advance, before taking your flight, so you private driver will be waiting for you. (very convenient in the middle of the night)

-You can find driver and car with the Chinese app: 易到 copy/paste the name into your app store

-There is also some ride on Didi, read: Didi application now in English in Tianjin, but 易到 is better for this kind of trip.

You will need some Chinese skills

Cost: start at 422元, non-including toll fees.

4-Take a cab in Tianjin

Be ready to pay a lot of money and argue a lot


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