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Update 16 July 2015


Update 30 June 2015 : we have more and more report of user getting problem with ABC and BOC card, especially when they want to make an Alipay account. We strongly advise for a Merchants bank's card or an ICBC


How and why register a bank card in Wechat? And after how to use the services

They are a lot of reasons for you to do it:

-Send/Receive money from/to anybody with a Wechat account; useful to split restaurant bills, give some money, paying some services.

-Paying your phone bill online, no need to look for an open supermarket in the middle of the cold and rainy night. Just pay your phone bill at home; and it’s cheaper

-Ordering Taxi online, what is a real life-changer on rainy days or when you manage to get stuck at 5 pm on Nanjing Lu on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Because all the taxis are booked through that system so they will simply ignore you healing them on the street

-Play the hongbao game, if you are into that game your have been in China long enough not to need to read that "How To…..";-)

Update 16 July 2015 :

-Enter groups of more than 100 users, if you don't have a bank card register on your wechat you won't be able to join groups of more than 100 people. Like the tianjinexpats cafe 


How to Do it:

STEP 1 Getting  the right bank card

First you need a compatible bank card (registered with your passport and not a Chinese ID), for  now Wechat allow passport identification only for these bank cards.


UPDATED 30 June 2015 : we have more and more report of user getting problem with ABC and BOC card, especially when they want to make an Alipay account. We strongly advise for an ICBC bank card


- ICBC : our recommandation
- Bank of China
- China Construction Bank
- Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)
- Bank of Communications
- China Merchants Bank
- Industrial Bank (Xingye)
- Huaxia Bank

- Chine Everbright bank Bank

– Foreign MasterCard, Visa and JCB cards: But no withdrawal available and high bank fees are expected.


– All other banks are not possible, requires Chinese ID

If you don’t have any of these bank cards you will need to make one in an ICBC, ABC or CMB…. I have my personal preference for ICBC, the network is big, and it is free to get the card.
If you do not trust tecent handeling your banking informations, you could always make a special card just for wechat use and just put a small amount of money on it

If you are using a Chinese ID for registering your bank card, any bank will work.

Remember ICBC, ABC, CMB have been tested by us and are working with Wechat, if you find any other working bank card please update this article by email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or Wechat : tianjinexpats , or on the forum by commenting this article

Photo of two workings bank cards

STEP 2 Register your card

In Wechat go to Me -> Wallet ->Add a Card -> Type your bank card number, your name, then your passport number.
When Wechat is asking you for a password, it is not your bank card pin code, but a password for Wechat payments use only.
Be careful there is only one good way to enter your name but you got infinite try... 

If you are Mr John Doe , the bank employee could have write DOEJOHNMR or MRJOHNDOE or MR JOHN DOE or JOHNDOE DOEJOHN or JOHN DOE or even made a mistake in the spelling. So please check on your bank paper the exact way they spelled your name in that bank ;-)

Congratulations you bank card is registered and now you can enjoy your Wechat wallet. You could start to test if all is working well by doing a transfer to the account tianjinexpats on wechat ;-) ... I'm kidding.....


How To Use It



In the chat window, you can send money to your friends, by clicking “+” then Transfer


We advise to use the application instead of the Wechat function. Go to your store and type "dididache" 滴滴打车
Localisation is way more precise, and it is far more easy to use for foreigners.
We will make a 'How to DidiDaChe" article this week ( actually next time I take the taxi )


Go to Me -> Wallet -> 手机话费充值
Write the phone number you want to charge, charge it
It seems that is not working with fixed phone fees and internet fees, if somebody has been successful please let us know.



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