How To

1 Two ways to proceed : DIY , use an agent

DIY Go to your local consulate and ask for necessary documents. They are the most up to date source of information. It is not so hard

Contact an agent : look on google “bring my pet in China” . This is a very expensive solution but they will take care of everything. Pay a lot just for something you can do by yourself



Vet certificate that proof your pet received a rabies vaccination, minimum 30 days before and maximum 1 year before arrival in China. Make some copies



Check with your airline if pet are allowed on board, fees and airline’s requirement for transporting him.



Get an International Health Certificate from your vet 10 days before the flight.

Including pet name, age, weight, height, sex, your passport name, passport number.

Get a declaration that the pet is vaccinated and in good health, make it stamped by local attorney or embassy



Confirm with the airline, day before the flight.



Go through customs and declare your pet, normally the 30 days quarantine can be made at home. But sometimes when they think there is a risk they will request a quarantined in veterinary office at your fee.


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