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Pure Kiwi

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Pure Kiwi
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Minyuan Center, Dali Rd. Graffiti Baa, Heping Dist.
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天津市和平区 民园体育场 大理道一侧


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As sun is for sky, flowers are for land, food is for people.

On the 17th of Jun we will have a Hot Summer Party, with western dinner, live music, games

And endless all you can drink high quality

Craft beer and cocktail.

All included for 168rmb per person.





It all started in 2015 with Brian Direen, who grew up on a beautiful New Zealand farm. Constantly traveling the world for business and pleasure for two decades, he had a light bulb moment when he realized the solution to the worlds problem of not knowing where your food comes from or if it was safe to eat, was very simple - use digital technology that allows people to track every food item from the farm it comes from so you can tell if it is genuine or fake, healthy or sickening.

This technology would allow people to buy genuine food as nature intended - no GMO, no artificial ingredients, no added sugars, no highly processed carbohydrates, no bad stuff. All the things that science is saying are the primary causes of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Pure Kiwi was born. Partnering with Mr. Qiu, a highly successful importer of food and beverages and supermarket owner in Tianjin, along with Fernando Fernandes and Gus Baldrighter from Brazil, two highly skilled international creative branding experts, and Alex Dodkin, a digital marketer who moved to China from the UK, Pure Kiwi set out with a mission to making it easier to eat better and safe to enjoy.

The company started out importing New Zealand grass-fed beef, lamb and dairy products along with beverages like artesian mountain water and manuka honey water. In 2017 the company hosted TJTV in New Zealand to film a documentary on New Zealand farming while demonstrating how Pure Kiwi could digitally monitor and track food products from farm to table.

Initially the Eatery will have three independent stores - Pure Kiwi Cafe, Shake Shed & In addition to independent store designs but with audience seating. Three stores a second stage will open with a further four very different and exciting food offers.

Mace Wang. Macus has been over 10 years experience in running western style restaurant and bars and is responsible for the central kitchen, Pure Kiwi Cafe and Graffiti Baa. He Also oversees the overall running of the Eatery.

Pure Kiwi minimizes the use of highly processed carbohydrate and sugars and never uses GMO or artificial Ingredients.

The cafe specializes in making the famous New Zealand 'Flat White' coffees along with Cheese Tea made with a topping of New Zealand cream cheese and cream foam. Yogurt and fruit smoothies are also a specialty with hand-crafted yogurt made from cows imported from New Zealand. Pure Kiwi lives by the idea that good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.

Shake Shed Ice Cream is owned by New Zealand’s largest ice cream chain and sells a wide range of milk shakes, specialty drinks and over 20 types of the world’s best tasting ice cream!

While Graffiti Baa sells a range of imported New Zealand craft beer, cider and wine the bar also promotes some of the best locally made craft beers and cocktails.

While the New Zealand Eatery is not planning its official launch party until the end of July the Eatery is planning a promotional event thought out the whole month. a World Cup Night Party event running for every game from 14th June to 15th July. Here people can purchase a season PartyPass covering all games where they receive a free beer each day they come along to watch a game. They also get to participate in World Cup Happy Hours (before each game) and join into lots of games and activities stemming from the heritage of western culture - from New Zealand, Brazil and the UK.

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Normally takes a few months to go downhill.....
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Most new restaurants in Tianjin have a month or two before they start to go down hill, would hate to see what this place is like in a matter of weeks let alone months.

Hard to compete in Minyuan, and they just aren't competing at all.

Literally the worst service I've had in a western restaurant in ages, it's a real shame as I had high hopes. For the price it seemed great, but the quality of food is sub par, left over half a steak. I normally give a place two shots, not this time, couldn't put myself through it again.

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