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Rouge - Live Music Club

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Rouge - Live Music Club
Pinyin Name
Hong De
Chinese Name
Hong De
English/Pinyin Address
Heping Qu Chengdu Dao 84
Chinese Address


city 2


Tianjin has just been gifted a new gem;

Live House Rouge.

Map, Info, Contact

A friend came to me more excited than I have ever seen about a new live music club that just opened in Tianjin, Heping District. I made my way to their Friday night show and quickly realized this was something special.

Rouge night club has two live bands that transition between performances to keep things new and full of energy. Later in the night, the bands mix and match to keep the entire night fresh.

The Latin/Brazilian band go by the name of 'Seven Sins band‘. They have two beautiful lead singers, who captivated the audience with their finely choreographed dance moves. The backup male singer, not to be outdone, nearly stole the show with his hip hop verses. The live rythm section boost things up and bring them all together. The band played mostly popular Latin songs, and some of their Brazilian favorites. They were not shy to spice things up and I found myself loving their deep melodic songs.

Between a 10 minute break, the next band took the stage, by the name of 'Bat Boy Band'. They are hailing from Russia and Ukraine and deliver the Western jams. With a hypnotizing lead singer backed up by a rockin-hard guitarist and a bass player who hyped up the crowd after each line. The whole band worked the audience as smoothly as they worked their instruments. I found myself drawn into each performance, celebrating and cheering after each song.

Every musician and performer on stage showed a virtuosity and energy that inspired me and gave the night an epic quality. The bands have a chemistry between each other that feels genuine and fun. The members look to be having a great time, supporting each others performances and socializing with the bars patrons between sets. I left the club in high spirits - it makes me feel lucky to live in Tianjin. Rouge's lineup and execution rivals that of any live house in Beijing.

The manager of the club even got on stage to perform "it's my life" by Bon Jovi. The whole crowd and band members loved it. He's ready to lead Rouge to the front of the Tianjin night life scene.

There is a DJ by the name of 'Kevin' and a Chinese star from the TV show 'The Voice of China' who will soon take to the stage. I look forward to their shows and after seeing what the western bands had to offer, I know the local performers will be nothing less than amazing.

Entrance is free and the service is excellent. I ordered the RMB40 BudWeiser draft beers and will subtly mention I felt great the next morning. No costs were cut in the effort to bring Tianjin a high quality live performance music club.

I would like to welcome the wonderful and much needed addition to the Tianjin community and night life scene.

I can't help but feel -

This is THE new live house of Tianjin - Rouge.

TOMORROW - Friday!


July 27 2018

200RMB FREE voucher

This Friday - Arrive at Rouge with your sunglasses on and receive a free 200RMB voucher at the door!

Grand Opening Specials

July 27 - August 27


Budweiser - Buy 6 get 6 FREE

*not valid for VIP seating


Chandon Champagne - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Johnnie Walker Black Label - 680RMB for one set - Add another bottle for 200RMB

ANY BEER - Buy 1 dozen, get 1 dozen free

Everyday before 9PM or after 12:30AM

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