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    This section is designed to help you with day to day living in Tianjin. How to find an apartment, food, etc.

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    Buying a SIM card in Tianjin
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    WeChat and WeChat Wallet: Complete Guide (Updated 28/07/2017)
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    Through recent developments WeChat is not anymore only a place to post pictures and chat with your friends, they have built a complete online banking ecosystem. ...
    city 2
    Buy a Train ticket online Updated 01/07/15
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    Buy a Train Ticket Online Add us on wechat if encounter any problems ...
    Hailing taxi and car app "Didi" now in English in Tianjin
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    Didi Dache announced on May 8 that they will release English version of their Taxi Hailing App for the cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Tianjin...
    Chinese names of foreign brands for online shopping
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    All the team of www.tianjinexpats.com would like to thanks our member Todd for compiling that very useful list If you read us on mobile, you...
    How do I manage banking in China
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    Exchanging Money - Traveler's...
    Beijing Airport to/from Tianjin: All you need to know Updated 27/06/2017
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    1 Shuttle bus from/to Beijing Airport from/to Tianjin Tianhuan shuttle station    -This time table was confirmed by phone on 27/06/2017. You...
    Alipay and Wechat account after 1st July 2016. What should I know and do?
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    New Chinese regulations have been released and people have been ask to prove their identity on the on-line payment platform : Wechat and AliPay. New regulations are not here...
    How and why should you get an verified Alipay account (without Chinese ID card) Updated 30/06/2016
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    How and why should you get a verified Alipay account? 30/06/2016 Update. That article is to get a passport...
    Exchange your Yuan and send Money out of China(Union Pay, Wire, Western Union, Alipay, Paypal) updated 09/08/2017
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    Whether it is for your student loans and credit card debt or you're just looking to buy some gift going back home for Christmas, every expat will have a...
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    Latest articles

    Category: Lifestyle
    Wan Er, or known simply as “electronic music club” from the purple neon sign flashing through the second floor window, is a new spot to go if you need to chill, listen to a DJ and enjoy cheap beers in a fairly relaxed, albeit otherworldly atmosphere. Opened just last month, the inner decor...
    WeChat Image_20180906163831
    Category: What's Up
    DiDi, the massive ride sharing APP, following recent events that shocked and alarmed the public has responded by choosing to turn off their night time service while they do internal reviews nationwide and make upgrades to their safety measures. Here are some solutions TianjinExpats would like to suggest so that you don’t run into problems getting around this upcoming week. ...
    Category: Lifestyle
    Scan the qrcode with your Wechat - More power to the people - Last week we asked our members what was most wanted for the next addition to the TianjinExpats WeChat APP. ...
    Saturday: Free Music festival - Fête de la musique
    Category: Lifestyle
    -> Start your Saturday with free concerts Saturday June 23, 2018, 16:30 - 23:00 Free Alliance Francaise present Music festival - Fête de la musique ...
    Category: Lifestyle
    Last Saturday I headed over to Moments Lotus Yoga studio in Italian town. Entering the studio room, we were greeted by beautiful wide windows looking out on downtown Tianjin and a pair of yoga mats ready for...
    Category: What's Up
    The recent pictures circulating around Tianjin social media about E-bike registration has caused some confusion and concern in the expat community. We did call police stations and ask more. The announcement is for Chinese ID holder in Tianjin. It is not mandatory, but is suggested and free of charge to have your E-bike registered with your local police station. ...
    Category: Lifestyle
    With overwhelming positive comments and requests, we are happy to announce TianjinExpats will be holding seasonal (4 yearly), swapping events. A special thank you goes to Gina, who helped arrange through her organization to have the unswapped clothes donated to the needy in and around Tianjin. We would like to first write about her foundation to help get out the word. ...
    Category: What's Up
    14 new stations will be open tomorrow in the south part of the line 6 subway line: including Shuishang Park East Road, Cancer Hospital, Tianjin Hotel, Cultural Center, Paradise Road, Jianshan Road, Heiniucheng Road, Meijiang Road, Zuojiang Road and Meijiang Park. Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Jiefang South Road, Dongting Road, and Meilin Road. ...
    Poisonous and tasty: xiāng chūn are back at your local market!
    Category: Lifestyle
    xiāng chūn, aka Cedrela sinensis A. aka Chinese toon, are the young leaves of a tree that start to bloom in spring in the surrounding of Tianjin and in the north of China. With a taste like hazelnut, it will only be available for a few weeks at your local market. Read...
    bèichákǎ, Police registration, residency registration in Tianjin
    make a summary of all you need to know about police registration in Tianjin. The terms police registration, bèichákǎ, residency registration refers all to the same administrative process. bèichákǎ do’s and don’ts in Tianjin Tianjinexpats.com has...
    10 ski resorts around Tianjin
    Category: Lifestyle
    10 ski areas to know around Tianjin Click on the name of the place to be redirected to info page, including complete description, live map, phone number... A ...
    4.3 magnitude earthquake near Tianjin in Yongqing County
    Category: What's Up
    A 4,3 earthquake happend on the evening of the 12/02/2018 at 18:31 Residents in non-seismic buildings may have felt tremor in Tianjin and Beijing cities center.
    Xiawafang subway station closed for renovation
    Category: What's Up
      Line 1 station Xiawafang, deserving line 1 will be closed for renovation starting on Feb. 10. It is expected to re-open after 3 months and half, deserving both Line 1 and the new line 5 You may stop after or before at Xiaobailou or Nanlou, then walk, ride a bicycle or take a bus to go here.    
    2018 Tianjin Open Hits Prize Money Milestone
    Category: Lifestyle
    2018 Tianjin Open Hits Prize Money Milestone Wednesday,...
    Enjoy Exclusive Champagne Night at FLAIR
    Category: Lifestyle
    Time: 6pm – 12am, every Sat., Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 Venue: FLAIR Bar and Restaurant Enjoy exclusive 40% savings for selected Champagne, and special offer in bottles for RMB666+* each. ...
    "Tianjin - Beijing - Hebei": No more Visa for 144 hours stay
    You can make now business trips ups to 6 days in to the Tianjin Beijing Hebei area with no visa Following an official statement from Tianjin public security bureau, the official 144 hours visa-free for visiting the region "Tianjin - Beijing - Hebei" policy has been officially launched on December 28, 2Following an official statement from Tianjin public security bureau, the official 144 hours visa-free for visiting the region "Tianjin - Beijing - Hebei" policy has been officially launched on December 28, 2017 ...
    Dining on the Bed Package @ The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin.
    Category: Lifestyle
    Event info Event Name: Dining on the Bed Package @ The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin Event Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin Start day: Friday December 22, 2017 End day: Monday January 15, 2018 Contact info Telephone 022-5809-5138 ...
    Choosing your China structure
    -Encouraged ( The companies in this industry benefit from many advantages such as tax incentives, easier approval procedure...) -Restricted (The companies in this industry have to send an audit report to the relevant authority every year (any delay will lead to sanctions) and renew its business licence at the same time.) -Prohibited (These company can not have foreign investment, therefore, it is not possible for a foreign to invest in one of these companies) ...
    China Work Permit in Tianjin (all you need to know)
    Since April 2017, the Expert Certificate and the Working Permit have been unified under a new Foreigner’s Work Permit. China’s goal is to attract more talented and skilled foreigners by making it easier for them to get the work permit and to make it harder for unskilled foreigner newcomers. Therefore, China can attract foreigners who are willing to work in the sectors it needs and helps it growth. This Work Permit is divided into 3 different categories: A, B, C. ...

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