Chinese names of foreign brands for online shopping

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All the team of would like to thanks our member Todd for compiling that very useful list 

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Copy/paste the name of the brand you are looking for on taobao, JD.... or any other online shopping site

Masterfoods  每食富方便瓶 Sauces, herbs
Hunt’s  汉斯 Sauces, pasta sauces
Schweppes  怡泉 Drinks
Del Monte 地扪 Canned fruit/vegetables/pasta sauces
Devondale  德运 Dairy (UHT milk from Australia)
Doritos  多力多滋 Crisps/Chips
Barilla  百味来 Pasta and pasta sauces
Ferrero Rocher  费列罗榛果威化 Chocolate
Minute Maid  美汁源 Fruit juice
Tampax  丹碧丝 Feminine Hygiene
Kleenex  舒洁 Toilet paper/tissue
Oceanspray  优鲜沛 Fruit juice and fruit (dried)
Kellogg’s  家乐氏 Breakfast cereal
Ayam  雄鸡标 Malaysian (coconut milk, curry mixes)
Leggo’s  立格仕 Pasta and pasta sauces
San Remo  赛瑞盟 Pasta and pasta sauces
Dole  都乐 Canned fruit/vegetables/fruit juice
Smucker’s    斯味可 Jam (jelly)
Gallo  公鸡 Pasta and pasta sauces
McVitie’s  麦维他 Biscuits
Twinings 川宁  Tea
Nescafé  雀巢 Coffee
Red Bull  红牛 Energy drinks
Dove 德芙 Chocolate
Cetaphil 丝塔芙 Dental/Hygiene
Sanitarium 新康利麦片 Breakfast cereal (weet-bix)
Listerine 李施德林 Dental/Hygiene
Colgate 高露洁 Dental/Hygiene
Oral-B 欧乐B Dental/Hygiene
Kirkland 科克兰 Nuts
Corona 科罗娜 Beer
Finish 亮碟 Cleaning
Nivea 妮维雅 Dental/Hygiene
Kara 佳乐 Coconut milk
Quaker 桂格 Breakfast cereal
Haribo 哈瑞宝 Candy
Heinz 亨氏 Food (general)
Pampers 帮宝适 Dental/Hygiene
Head and Shoulders 海飞丝 Dental/Hygiene
Lay's 乐事 Chips/Crisps
Hershey's 好时 Chocolate
Gillette 吉列 Dental/Hygiene
Hoegaarden 福佳 Beer
Evian 依云 Drinks
Dettol 滴露 Dental/Hygiene
Veet 薇婷 Feminine Hygiene
Ritter Sport  瑞特斯波德  Chocolate
Wrigleys 益达 Candy/Mints
Pantene 潘婷 Dental/Hygiene
Lux 力士 Dental/Hygiene
Clairol (Herbal Essences) 伊卡璐 Dental/Hygiene
Schwarzkopf 施华蔻 Dental/Hygiene
L‘Oreal 欧莱雅 Dental/Hygiene
Voss 芙丝 Drinks
Mission 麦西恩 Corn chips
M&Ms M豆 Chocolate

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