How Do I Shop Online At Taobao

How Do I Shop Online At Taobao

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How to shop online at TaoBao


Generally online shopping makes our work easier. Taobao is the number 1 online shop used by people in China. People can buy anything from this popular site. The purpose of this blog is to make anyone(non-Chinese residents) to search and buy things on Taobao by themselves.

The three main steps are:

1. TaoBao Account Registration
2. Charging your TaoBao Card
3. Entering your recharge code online

Step 1.a: Account registration
This is same as creating an account in any other website except for the fact that  it is all in Chinese characters. But don’t  loose your hope. You need a username, password, an e-mail address and a mobile phone number. The image is given for your reference.

You can keep in mind few tips for this step. Yours has to be between 5-25 letters and if the given user name already exists, the website prompts you to alter it or choose from what it suggests. Make sure you choose a strong password by using a word between 6-16  characters long, including a number and a symbol.The verification code is case sensitive so always check on it. So after all the empty boxes are filled to go to the next box click on the orange box.

Step 1.b. Set up your email
This is a simple step where you have to just fill in your honest email address. This address will be referred during verification and order confirmation. Make sure you check the terms and conditions box which means you agree to alipay agreements and synchronization to create a PayPal account. Refer to the image below.

Step 1.c: Enter your telephone number
After the previous step, you will be getting a pop-up asking you to fill in your telephone number.You have to fill in 11 numbers without the +86 and click the orange button.


Step 1.d: Verification code
Out of nowhere you will get another pop-up. It says a verification code has been sent to your mobile number via text message. Copy the 6 digit number from the text message you should have received and copy/paste it into the empty box. Make sure you press the greyish white button if you haven’t received any text message.

Step 1.e: Activate Account
To activate your Taoboa account you will have to go to your email inbox. You should have received an email right away. If not, make sure you check your spam box. Click the button “Send again” if you still haven’t received any email.When you have received the email, just click the link below or copy into your browser within 48 hours.
You should have been led to a page that confirms your registration if everything goes well in place. Congragulations! You are taobao’s  newest member and you are just one step closer to buying anything you desire on taobao.

Step 2 : How to buy from taobao
Now you have to figure out a way to pay TaoBao or any seller of a product you are interested in. 

To pay on taoboa there are two ways.

Method 1 ----- Pay from your Alipay account First type the process is little complicated but in the future... will be really easy. Follow our how to
Method 2 ----- Directly pay the seller from your bank account

When you make the purchase, the money doesn’t go to the sellers bank account directly by the method 1, so it is the safest option. After  you receive the product and confirmed the payment, it goes to their account. Alipay account is connected to toaboa account, the amount of money in your Taobao account just means the amount of money in your Alipay account. You will automatically have an Alipay account, If you followed the instructions from How to buy from Tao bao part 1. If not, please check here.

Two most common ways of putting money in your toaboa account are:

Option 1 ---- Move money from your bank account to alipay account
Option 2 ---- Go to the post office to buy a recharge card (Simpler)

Move money with a Chinese bank account.

You can easily recharge if you have an account with money in a Chinese Bank. The rules for online security measures tend to change a lot with different security measures including passwords, digital certificates and other issues. It is better to follow the below instructions if your Chinese is not good.

  • You need to have a Chinese Bank Account at the following banks:

China merchants bank, Industrial and commercial bank of China, China construction bank, Bank of China, Agricultural bank of China, Bank of communications, SPD bank, Guangdong development bank, China everbright bank, China citic bank, China minsheng bank, Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Hangzhou, Bank of Ningbo, or Pingan bank. 

  • Active e-banking function account or bank card

If you are still interested I suggest you go to this link. There is also the option to use Visa to transfer the money, however it needs to have been issued by a bank from HongKong but they can do the transaction directly using the e-banking service of their visa

cards. Unfortunately Alipay doesn’t accept credit cards payment from other countries and regions.



2.Recharge your account at the post office
You have to locate a post office and discover a window called  “Postal Business Service” (邮政服务 ) which is usually written in bilingual and just tell  “wang hui E”  (网汇E) or say the word :  “chongzhi taobao” (充值淘宝). Then in return you will get a slip from the Postal employees which will look something like this

The most important things you will have to fill in should be according to the filled in boxes in the image above. The 200.00 is the recharge. A Chinese name for data registration is required by the Postal office. So make up a Chinese name for yourself. You may require a passport for identification and you have to sign that Chinese name a couple of times. Nearly 0.5% of the amount will be charged as a fee.

The Post office employee will feed your datas into the system after all the process and they will give you a keypad to enter a six digit pin number twice. Make sure you remember this number as it will be your personal pin number. You should not loose a small receipt which you will receive finally. See below.

Before proceeding any further, you shoul have signed up for a Taobao account, perhaps bought a recharge slip through China Post or through the bank.

Online banking ------ Search on Toaboa
Recharge slip ------- Recharge your Alipay Toaboa account

Recharging your Alipay Toaboa account
Step 1: just go to the recharge page
Step 2:Log in by filling your account information
Step 3: Click the third option on the page 充值码 (recharge code).

Step 4 :Then go to the option  网汇E (Nethub E).

Step 5: Fill in the first empty box with the number given on the top of the post office receipt
Step 6: Fill in the 6 digit pin number on the second empty box

Finally you will get a notification that your account has been charged with the amount on your post office receipt.

In case you need to double check your balance just go to Taobao’s main page and click on 我的淘宝 (My Taobao) on the top page then click on the first column 管理交易 (manage transactions). Please see image below.

You are done if you notice an amount like that is shown in the image. That is your current balance.
Now you can start purchasing as you have money in your account.

Searching on TaoBao :
Just look up the translation and type your choice in the search box. This is the easiest wayof buying on TaoBao, For example I need to buy new shoes (鞋), I type this in the search box and you have a result (See below)



Checking out at Taobao:
In order to “buy now” , choose the orange button that takes you directly to the check out
In order to shop more, click on the blue button which adds the item to your cart.

Then fill in your delivery details according to the image given below.
Note:  If you are having problems fililng in these details makes sure you turn of automatic Google translate using chrome or use “internet explorer” instead of “Chrome”, “Firefox” or “safari”.


Receiving your order from taobao:
You should have received your order within a few days if you have followed all the mentioned steps.

On receiving your order if you are satisfied better let the seller know that you are satisfied so Taobao can transfer your money to him/her. The shipping time depends on the delivery company that will take not more than 10 to 30 days. By clicking the activity tab and approving the status by logging in to the manage transaction screen and clicking 确认收货 (confirm receipt of goods), you can let them know the stratus right away.

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